HVAC Service


We as one the best hvac companies in india into the business of providing HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) solutions all kind of requirements for Industries, Commercial Establishments, Pharmaceutical Labs & Hospitals Air Conditioning , High end Residence Air Conditioning. We offer total solution for HVAC which includes System Design, Project Consultancy & Project execution.

We have experience in Design, Supply, Erection, Commissioning & Maintenance of HVAC SYSTEMS for following industires

  • Cassette Units
  • Hi-Wall Splits
  • Package Units and Ductable Splits
  • Chillers, AHU’s, CSU’s and VRF

Chilled Water Systems

A chilled-water applied system uses chilled water to transport heat energy between the airside, chillers and the outdoors. These systems are more commonly found in large HVAC installations, given their efficiency advantages.

DX Systems

In a direct-expansion (DX) system, the evaporator is in direct contact with the air stream, so the cooling coil of the airside loop is also the evaporator of the refrigeration loop. The term “direct” refers to the position of the evaporator with respect to the airside loop.

Validation Services

We are prominent Service Provider in the globalmarket offering Cleanroom Validation Services. Using sophisticated equipment, we offer Cleanroom Validation Services in which weconduct various testing like airborne particlecounts, filter integrity testing, relative humiditymeasurement, and many more